[0]Invitation to a decent Zen meditation method.


I will introduce Jingo Huse's Zen method from now on. Invitation to a decent Zen meditation method.  There is no decent Zen meditation method anywhere. Sudden paradox.This is true. You may be confused when you say this. "A state of selflessness" "What is enlightenment?" The general Zen meditation is a bland explanation. It is an unfriendly manual.It is difficult to understand. Howe...

Youshinji's zen method.


Zen meditation is for rewriting the program of the reaction system of the brain. There are two types of consciousness, manifest and subconscious.Overt awareness is logical thinking, reason, intelligence, judgment.This is an awareness that can be expressed in words. Subconsciousness is unconsciousness. Subconsciousness is an accumulation of the past. Subconsciousness is a desire for feeling, ...

I will start Twitter.


 My Twitter account is @KAZ17731244.  ↓↓↓ @KAZ17731244  I will use Twitter from now on....

About Zen.


Refrence:Wiki_弥勒菩薩  To refresh. Mindfulness. To get a chance to enter the zone. To realize.  What is the purpose for you to Zen meditation(sit down)?Whatever the purpose, Zen Meditation's effects will be the same for everyone.  There are two ways of Zen. The first is meditation. As you meditate, you will notice the relationship between your body and your mind.  The secon...

Risk of wrinkles on the forehead with emphasis on the eyes.


Reference: wiki_五大明王  Have you ever seen someone with deep wrinkles between your forehead wrinkles and eyebrows?Isn't it easy for him to get angry?Is that person prone to panic?The wrinkles on the forehead are a sign of frustration.Wrinkles between the eyebrows are a sign of distress. Is the bird ahead?Is the egg ahead?Wrinkles of forehead, wrinkles between the brows first?Frustrated, t...